We can assist you and your client in capturing ESI in an efficient manner. We'll process it into a format that will make the discovery process easier for you, your client, and your trial team.

Let us simplify your trial preparation by scanning, printing, organizing,  and binding your large printable tasks, freeing you up to tackle more intricate tasks.


Setting you up for success

From forensically capturing and preserving a website or social media account to traveling to an incident scene for photo or video documentation, we can help ensure you gather the highest quality evidence you need to display for discovery, depositions, settlement presentations or trial. 


Evidence Capture

Summit’s seasoned trial support crew is a crucial asset to your trial team. We provide the latest in digital equipment and practical know-how to allow you to convey your case to the court and the jury clearly and concisely. Let us give you the freedom to focus on the message and not the medium.

Our Services

Scanning & Printing

Summit Litigation Support has the equipment and experience needed to perform critical eDiscovery document management services, Trial Support, Video Editing, and evidence capture that will assist in streamlining the litigation process.